My Chosen 3 Versions of Linux

Nowadays, it becomes increasingly harder to choose which type of technology or software to use. This article aims to clarify one such problem: whether to use a personal or business distribution of the popular Linux operating system.

The recommended versions of Linux OS

  1. Ubuntu – looks just like Windows OS with the macOS library (and it’s FREE) Click here to check out the Ubuntu website.
  2. Red Hat Linux – ideally suited for web servers, for the commercial version of Linux (you need to pay for this) – Click here to find out more.
  3. Kali Linux – this is designed for security professionals, and it’s free – Click here to read more about this distribution.

Why choose Linux?

First of all, it is more or less necessary to answer the most important questions of all, “Why use Linux, to begin with?” Some might claim that Windows and the other more user-friendly operating systems are what should be used, but I cannot disagree more. With a little bit of extra work, Linux users can begin to benefit from useful features including total control over the OS System, virus-free environment, helpful community of users, fast development and patching, and most importantly no installation cost! Should you choose to go with another operating system, you risk losing most of the aforementioned benefits!

Okay, which distribution (or version) of Linux should I use?

More or less, you have two choices: a personal distribution that is constructed to suit your needs; or a business distribution that aims to benefit your business’ needs.

Firstly, let’s discuss personal distribution, its implications, and the benefits it will provide to you, the user. What you would have probably already realised is that the personal aspect of this distribution implies that it is constructed to help you by complimenting your strong points and strengthening your weaknesses. Actually, you can construct your own personal Linux version as long as you have the time and desire. The system’s open code will allow you to seek the knowledgeable community’s help and to transform the operating system into your best friend. I would recommend that anyone who wants to create his own personalised Linux system should choose the personal distribution as it is just that- personal.

Secondly, we have the business distribution (version). It is mainly if not only, designed to assist small, medium, and big businesses with their work- whatever it might be. This distribution has been created with specialised proprietary tools and support packages that lessen the strain of administrating a huge number of installations—which is perfect for workplaces with many computers! The business distribution is not that useful to single users but rather to companies, which want to increase their efficacy while decreasing their administrative tasks.


As I mentioned before, it all depends on what use you have for the Linux Operating System. If you want to use it as a single user, go for the personalised distribution; if you want to use it in your business, I would choose the business version!