5G Network Security

 Mobile data has grown in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, with early mobile phones using little to no data, there was little question of network security. Today, we are in a speed rush, with each carrier boasting faster and more reliable data connections as a top-selling point for their service, and for the first time in a few years, we’re finally welcoming 5G data connectivity to the menu.

This begs the question, however, what do we know about 5G network security? How does this new data option keep our important details private? 4G data was introduced to the market in 2012, so it’s high time that we get a speed increase from there. Here are some details about the new 5G data bump, and how it might impact you.

Faster speeds and downloads

5G data will allow for quick connections to the internet as well as faster download and upload speeds for content. Some critics have expressed concern that the greater number of connections to the internet will put massive amounts of data at risk. This does not inherently mean that there is less 5G network security than with other connection speeds.

Reinforcing existing networks

The addition of 5G networks is handled through the expansion of existing systems, to reinforce the connectivity and speeds already in place. Cellular data networks are generally considered to be more secure than WIFI networks, and this security will remain in place and continue as a standard for 5G network security.

Strong connections, but check your apps

It’s worth being advised that even though cellular connectivity is fairly secure, your specific devices and apps might not handle your data in a secure manner. There has been criticism towards China, for locking down the devices and apps allowed for use, which could open up Chinese citizens to a breach of privacy, even over 5G networks. Look for devices that emphasize security, as well as apps which reinforce measures like end-to-end data encryption which can protect you and those sending or receiving your messages. This is less of a matter of 5G network security, and more focused on overall network security.

A pathway to the future

5G and greater speeds will undoubtedly be a part of the future. These advances will allow for greater access and network use, especially for large numbers of people. Users will experience a greater benefit in otherwise crowded places like sporting events, or in major cities. The question of network security will always surround new advances.

But what about security?

Mobile data is generally secure, and 5G network security will still remain as secure as before, with one general caveat: most networks and governments anticipate that the increase in speeds will welcome additional users to the network, and that expanse in data would open the door for large scale monitoring. When choosing a network speed, 5G network security will be less of a concern than the utilization of devices and apps which will protect the data one is sending.